VTTAE reconditionné Tout Suspendu – Focus Thron² 6.8 NINE

Vente Focus Occasion modèle Thron² 6.8 NINE 2021. Reconditionné à neuf = entièrement révisé et remis à l’état neuf.
Stable et élégant, robuste et polyvalent, le Thron² 6.8 NINE de chez Focus est le VTT All-Mountain idéal pour les longues balades sur les chemins en vallée ou en montagne. Économe au pédalage et doté d’une batterie de 625Wh il permet de tenir la distance. Ses roues en 29″ et son long empattement vous garantissent une stabilité à toute épreuve.

Taille S : réservés

Taille M : réservés

Taille L : 1 disponible au juin 2023.

Only 1 left in stock

Only 1 left in stock

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S, M, L

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  • 1 hour private lesson with a bike instructor to learn how to control your bike
  • Builder warranty transfer
  • Property certificate and sticker transfer
  • Maintenance warranty
  • Nothign hidden: we keep track of everything that happened to the bike, every maintenance we did.
  • 3-time no fee payment
  • ClearProtect option: ask us to cover integrally your bike to protect it from scratches, scrapes and holes. After taking off the first covering we clean deeply the bike and cover it again intagrally.

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Pampering of your bike

Before being sold, our bikes are fully refurbished, in pristine condition. When used over 50%, all the consummables are changed, but not only… The suspensions are maintained, the bearings are changed and greased, the cables are changed, the brakes are drained. We ensure that you receive your bike in pristine condition so it will last for a long long time.

Since our bikes are fully covered and protected when used for rental or on our tours, they are protected from scratches adn scrapes. The ClearProtect cover is taken off before the sale so your bike will shine like a star.

Buying a second-hand bike from us is getting a bike that’s been rolled but with a fresh start, so you get no mechanic bad surprises.

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