Our Guided-Tours on e-bike with a professional instructor guide

Choosing a guided tour is ensuring yourself to go tide on trails adapted to your level and to take confidence quicly on your bike.

Rental or helmet and gloves is included, but also the knee and elbow pads.

Thanks to your instructor tips, you will improve quickly and enjoy even more the tour.

Notre parc de vélo électrique à la location

When renting an e-MTB from Arav’e-Bike, you benefit from the rental of helmet and gloves and are sure to get a perfectyly adjusted bike to your weight, as well as nicely cared for. You will be asked your weight, not out of curiosity, but to ensure your comfort, your safety and a neet piloting sensation. From enduro style to allmountain and even for the kids, our ebikes are cared for every day, and maintained after each use.

Hesistating between Guided Tour and Rental on your own?

Second-hand Electric Mountain Bikes for sale

You enjoyed riding your bike? Take it home with you!

After one year of riding with us on the trails, our ebikes are fully refurbished before being sold to their next best friend. Check our available bikes OR fill in the contact form below to learn our future availabilities or to pre-order yours.

Pampering of your bike

Before being sold, our bikes are fully refurbished, in pristine condition. When used over 50%, all the consummables are changed, but not only… The suspensions are maintained, the bearings are changed and greased, the cables are changed, the brakes are drained. We ensure that you receive your bike in pristine condition so it will last for a long long time.

Since our bikes are fully covered and protected when used for rental or on our tours, they are protected from scratches adn scrapes. The ClearProtect cover is taken off before the sale so your bike will shine like a star.

Buying a second-hand bike from us is getting a bike that’s been rolled but with a fresh start, so you get no mechanic bad surprises.

No worries, we won’t let you down. Here is what we offer you to take confidence on your e-bike:
  • 1 hour private lesson with a bike instructor to learn how to control your bike
  • Builder warranty transfer
  • Property sticker in case your bike is stolen (mandatory in France when a bike is sold)
  • 3-month payments with no additionnal charge
  • ClearProtect Option: ask us to protect your bike by covering it completely with a plastic film in order to avoid scratches and scrapes. A garanty to keep your bike in pristine condition, in case you might want to sell it again (or just for you!)

Budget over the limit? Use our Lock-été option to get up to 900€ off.

  • Pay 25% of your bike.
  • Ride with it on spring season, as much as you want.
  • Bring it back to us for the summer: 4 weeks when it will be used for rental. In a way, the bike is paying off for your discount! It will benefit from the same great service than before, we promise.
  • Get it back at the end of the summer, fully refurbished.
  • Pay for the rest (in 3 payments with no additional charge if you wish).



Need advice on buying the right bike?

Gift Card

Don’t want to be wrong on your gift choice? Give your beloved ones a chance to live a wonderful moment when riding on the Aravis trails.

Quick buy and Pleasure guaranteed

Choose the amount of the card, pay online, personnalise your card with a little note to the recipient, and transfer him/her the code. He/she will be able to use it for every products from our shop: guided tour, rental and even the store

The little Aravis store

Need a repairing item? Want a new bike shirt? We have the necessary items for you in our store. Gloves, T-shirts, biking shorts, water bottles, but also tires, pumps and other useful items for your bikes.