7 Great reasons to Ride with an MTB instructor

"Why the heck should I book an instructor? I can ride a bike since I am 5!"

Eric (et peut-être même vous face à votre écran ?)

It is true, 94% of French people can ride a bike. But between riding your bike to the bakery and going down a steep mountain rocky trail, there is a tiny difference. You can rent an Electric Mountain Bike on your own and do real good. However, there are many advantages in riding with a guide/instructor. Here are 7 Great reasons to Ride with an MTB instructor versus renting and riding on your own.

On the practical side

1 – Fast learning

Understanding the commands of the bike and how to make the most of the assistance modes will be faster when accompanied by a guide, because you will be given all the tips at the real time. You will be able to apply the instructor tips at the right time, and therefor improve quicker, but also avoid falling. Before arriving on an obstacle, a tiny bit of information on how to do it will give you confidence. The instructor will tell you the right speed to have and the movement to do on your bike in order to pass the difficulty without even noticing.

2 – A route tested and approved by our instructor

Your security is our priority. Our instructor won’t take you on foreign soil, by just following a map or a “supposed to be” track. He/she has planned your itinerary based on your level, most frequently with possibleloopholes and escape routes in order to make sure you don’t ride into mispleasant surprise. This way, the route is interesting for you, pleasant and with a certyain evolution to improve your riding.

3 – Occupational bias

Instructors like to give tailor advice. They just struggle in not giving you tips when they see you could take more pleasure on your bike. They have an eye on you! Because your improvement and your confidence are so satisfying, whether for you and for him/her.

4 – No mechanic disaster to ruin your day

Even if our e-bikes are well checked and maintained after each use, a mechanical problem might always occur, like a flat tire for example. If it happens, an instructor will deal with it quickly and with no stress. You can just relax and enjoy the view while your instructor get his/her hands dirty. And off you go, back on your saddle in a winck of an eye

5 – Get upgraded service

The price difference between a rental and a guided tour is not huge. Moreover, Guided tours include knee and elbow protections, not included when renting a bike on your own. Depending on the tour, being accompanied by an instructor would be only 20% more. (For example with the Myrt’e-Bike Family Gourmet tour.) So why hesitate?

Heart knows why

6 – An “Audio-Guide” in “flesh and blood”

An instructor is a local guide willing to share his/her passion of the natural land he/she takes you in. He/she loves his region and knows how to enjoy every flavour of it. No doubt your instructor will share his good plans and address book with you. Good reblochon cheese, local blueberry pie or even the best potatoes fried “beignets” of teh region, you can trust your instructor on that side! An instructor is also a great animal spotter. If you fancy seeing some marmottes or ibex during your tour, he/she will activated his bionic eye to unearthe one for you.

7 – The peace of households

You thought you could turn yourself into a guide for the expedition of your group? Uhuh, bad idea… advice are always better accepted when given by a professional and a stranger to the family.. Let the instructor give the lesson, so you can keep your household in peace.

Here you go, what did you think of our 7 reasons to go on a bike tour accompanied by an instructor?

Do you share our point of view?

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Marion Clerc

Marion Clerc

Co-fondatrice et rédactrice d'Arav'eBike, rideuse depuis ses premiers pas, née et élevée au grand air, face aux combes des Aravis.

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