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What to wear for Mountain Biking?

We explain what to wear when going for a ride, from head to toe, from summer to winter and for all cycling practices, mountain bike or electric mountain bike

News and Tips

The Guide to finding out what level you have on Mountain Bike

Estimating one’s level is not easy. We tend to underestimate or overestimate ourselves based on our self-confidence or past experiences. However, knowing how to evaluate your level is very important when you book a group outing, but also if you are going on an autonomous route.

News and Tips

7 Great reasons to Ride with an MTB instructor

There are many advantages in riding with a MTB instructor. Between the technical advices, the stories about the territory, the sharing of good local addresses, the mechanical worries avoided or the small difference in price with the simple rental in autonomy; the list is long of the advantages to ride supervised by a mountain bike instructor.