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In this FAQ we answer all your questions about the practice of the VTTAE, our rental conditions, our practical information,…


Yes, the VTTAE is still a bike. The engine accompanies the movement of the legs but does not replace it.

The effort in VTTAE will be the one you choose. Depending on the degree of electric assistance (more or less strong) you can either make an intense effort or go for a leisurely ride. It also depends on your physical condition and the terrain you choose, but as a general rule, the VTTAE allows for a smooth and regular effort compared to a mountain bike without electric assistance.

Our smallest bikes are ok for children from age 5 or height 1m15. Balance bikes are available for smaller kids and a suspended trailer for even smaller. For grown-ups, the only limit is the one you set to yourself 😉

You don’t have to be athletic. It is a way accessible to all to discover the mountain. Thanks to the E-MTB, you can go further than walking, faster and without traumatizing your joints on the way down.

  • If you are a mountain biker but still have trouble climbing, the e-bike will revolutionize your mountain rides. You’ll appreciate being able to reach the top much faster than with a muscle bike and almost without effort (or WITH if you like the challenge!)
  • If you are athletic and like to push the limit, this sport will rekindle your childhood soul. Both on the way up and on the way down, our ATVs are easy to handle, pleasant and comfortable.
  • Safety is our priority, that’s why we offer you the rental of high quality and comfortable helmets of the Urge brand but also the rental of gloves.
  • The wearing of knee and elbow pads is strongly recommended, whatever your level and the practice envisaged. We have selected the Ion brand protections, renowned for their comfort and lightness, to guarantee you a pleasant experience. The rental of these are included in the price of our Framed Escapes.

Water, a cereal bar or a small snack, a windbreaker, sun cream. If you use a backpack, ideally choose a sports bag with a waist strap (more comfortable and more airy).

Think comfort! Stretchy and breathable clothes, shorts or pants depending on the temperature, a windbreaker on you or in the bag for windy summits or the descent. If you have a thigh-high (undershort), even better! For the feet, take sneakers (like skateboard shoes), for a good grip on the pedals. More details on our article How to dress for mountain biking?


All day between 9am and 7pm, for the duration you wish (consult us if more than one day)

The battery life of your E-bike depends on many factors, including your route, the assistance mode you choose, your weight and your speed. Why not take a look at the Bosch autonomy simulator? In any case, at the time of your rental, let us know your planned itinerary and we will be able to direct you.

Yes, it is better to book in any period. Don’t take the risk of losing a great day of cycling. Reservations guarantee that you will get your favorite model and ensure its availability.

  • Of course. Our office is closed during the week in the spring and fall, but we are always available by phone or email. Outside of weekends, please contact us at least 48 hours before you want to escape.

Online, by phone, by email or directly at our office in Chinaillon. Your reservation is effective as soon as the requested deposit is paid.

Approximate size charts for bikes frames:

  • 24″ bikes are adapted to children with a height between 1m35 and 1m54.
  • Size S are for people with a height between 1m52 and 1m70.
  • Size M are for people with a height between 1m65 and 1m80.
  • Size L are for people with a height between 1m75 and 1m90.
  • Size S are for people with a height from 1m85 and above.

The price of a rental includes the maintenance, preparation, rental and checking of the bikes, as well as the rental of the helmet and gloves.

An electric Mountain Bike from our fleet costs between 2300e (kids bike) and 6000€. We therefore take a deposit at the time of rental between 500 and 1000€ as well as a car key and an ID.

  • You can choose to rent your bikes from our store in the center of the village of Chinaillon or have your bikes delivered to your home or to a location of your choice.
  • Need to be delivered? The delivery area around Le Grand Bornand extends to Thônes, La Clusaz, Manigod, Entremont and Le Reposoir). Delivery for minimum 4 bikes, 10€ per bike.
  • You sign our Rental Conditions Agreement form (stipulating the condition of the bike before the rental and the costs applicable in case of damage) as well as our Good Biker’s Guide to ensure that your practice is respectful of the material.
  • You can take our optional Warranty to cover you for up to 90% of the breakage. If you do not wish to take this guarantee, make sure you are covered by your credit card or insurance.
  • You pay for the estimated rental time. If you return the bike later than expected, you will pay the difference.

This should not happen because our bikes are checked at the beginning and end of each rental and adjusted to your body size with precision. However, if you have a mechanical problem during the rental, call us. We will do our best to help you as soon as possible. If a part breaks due to misuse of the equipment as indicated on the rental contract, we will be obliged to invoice you for it.

  • Unwashed (even in rainy and muddy weather, we won’t take it the wrong way, I promise!). These bikes are high-end and fragile, and require a specific and gentle wash.
  • Not damaged and with all its accessories. Any damage will be charged at the price indicated on the “Agreement of rental conditions” form that you will have signed before starting your rental.

We warned you. The VTTAE is addictive (we are the proof!). All you have to do is sign up for a subscription at Arav’E-Bike, until you have fun.


Of course. Booking an instructor for a private session will ensure that you perfect your technique more quickly and you will have full choice of your itinerary. Find here all the information about our private outings.

The minimum number of participants is set at 3 or 4 depending on the type of course. An accompanied outing cannot take place if the minimum number of people is not reached. You will then be offered a refund or a modification of your reservation.

The maximum number of people supervised by an instructor is not legally fixed. However, for everyone’s comfort, we limit our groups to 6, 8 or 10 depending on the type of outing. For larger groups, we will offer multiple instructors for the comfort of all.

During a group outing, everyone has more fun when the level is the same. We accept children from 6 years old if the child is autonomous and knows how to ride a bike (braking, pedaling, turning, standing). Kids need to be at least 1m15 in order to be on a right size bike (20 or 24″)

Our groups are composed by level so that everyone has a good time. Don’t hesitate to call us to discuss your level or to consult our level guide so that we can choose the best level together. If the level of the group is too different, we will suggest you to change the group or the schedule in order to ensure the safety and the satisfaction of all.

The price of a guided tour includes supervision by the instructor, maintenance, preparation, rental and checking of the bikes, as well as the rental of helmets, gloves, elbow pads and knee pads. The tour may include a snack, dinner, overnight stay, breakfast or complementary activity if specified.

As a rule, the starting point is at our office in Chinaillon. However, some outings outside of Grand Bornand may start from another location, in which case the meeting place will be specified on your reservation summary. Thank you for being punctual.

  • We take the time to listen to everyone’s expectations, desires and level ideas. Then we adjust the bikes to the body size of each participant.
  • A short time to get used to the bike on a road or 4×4 track to discover the bike and the use of the engine.
  • Depending on the type and level of the outing, the instructor can give advice or suggest practical exercises to improve, or simply guide you if you wish.
  • An animation or a snack/meal can be included on the course.
  • Back to the starting point, bike check and debriefing.

If you have a Gopro type camera, you can take it with you.


Because you are on vacation and dealing with worries is not on your agenda! There’s no need to pay for unplanned repairs, it’s better to spend the vacation budget on a nice gourmet escape by bike (or a delicious jar of jam from Le Grand Bornand).

Are you booking your rental or guided tour online? Want to add Smart Marmotte Insurance? Nothing could be easier. Choose the product of your choice and the desired date, and check the “Insurance” box. The rate is automatically calculated according to the type of bike chosen.

At the time of your departure by bicycle, we activate the insurance. As soon as you return, we carry out an inventory of fixtures which can take up to 24 hours depending on the number of bikes returning at the same time. In case of breakage noted by our bike mechanic, we will contact you. A deductible of 10% of the amount will be requested (10€ minimum). The rest will be paid by the insurance, i.e. 90% of the amount of the damage.

Our bikes are maintained at each outing by our team who know them by heart. This way, we know as soon as the bike is washed if its general condition is good or if something is wrong. And if there is a hitch, it is better to have followed the Marmot! Choosing our Smart Marmotte Damage insurance is quick and easy.

No, even if you take the insurance you will have to leave a deposit by bank print (pre-authorization).

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